You can choose your service here. When a studio is chosen, the contact form will appear. Here you can fill in all the information we need to deliver your tracks. Any comments or thoughts? Fill them in in our "comment box". Or contact us!

After finishing your order we will manually check al your information and contact you within 24 hours to settle payment. When payment is received or a payment receipt can be shown, we will start working on your tracks.

For mastering a delivery time of 3-5 days is estimated. Mixing takes more time, therefore processing time depends on the workload. Every order will be finished within 5-10 days if not else mentioned.

Yes we do! If you have any specific problem with the work we delivered, we will use your feedback to make a revision.

Yes we are! We adhere Apple's strict guidelines to create your MFIT tracks. You can select this option in the order form.

We believe in containing the dynamics of your track but know the importance of having a comparable level to other releases. Therefore we try to find the perfect balance for your track. We provide a "mastererd for streaming" option. With this option checked we deliver two masters: one track loud enough to compare to other releases. One track mastered at ca. -14 dB LUFS. Special resuests can be added to the "comment box", found on the order form.

Yes we do! New customers can request a free demo master via the contact - or order form. We will send you a snippet of your mastered track. This way you can determine our quality yourself. If you are satisfied, we will deliver you the complete track.

On the last page of the order form a dedicated box is provided to deliver the trnasfer link of your tracks. This can be a link from "wetransfer" or from any other file transfer program. If you have any problem delivering your tracks, don't hesitate to contact us!

Because of the acquisition cost of all the analog gear, studio 1 is handling a higher rate.

We see this online platform only as an easy way of communicating with our clients. Every order will be read and handled manually. The biggest advantage of working with this platform is time-saving, both for you as for us. This way we can spend more time on the actual mixing & mastering process.

Do not hesitate to contact us!